Rodney Fenner

Finding Happiness By: Rodney Fenner

Hello world. Life is precious. There are no mulligans of time. I’m sure everyone knows this, but do we treat it that way? I understand that the vast majority of the world doesn’t have the frame of mind to treat life as preciously as it deserves to be treated every second of every day. Distractions and detours are everywhere. So much so, that even in our moments of rest, we don’t ponder the wonders of life. Even in our moments of silence, we don’t meditate on what makes life really worth living. We don’t appreciate the things that make life so sacred. Instead, we do everything we can to acquire other things. We work for money, houses, cars, status, influence, fame and a myriad of other feckless things. We break our necks, our backs and sweat our pores dry to keep up with the Jones’s when we don’t even know who they are. Some people don’t even know what keeping up with the Jones’s even means, yet they spend their lives doing it. Why? Because it’s what everyone else is doing? Because we believe these things will bring happiness? Because we’re being pressured by our parents? I promise you, you don’t need any of those things to have real, lasting happiness. All of those things can fade away; the money, the houses, the influence etc. As with many people, happiness has been fleeting in my life. I chased all the things everyone else chases when I was free, but it wasn’t until I was stripped of all those things for a chunk of years that I began to learn how precious life is and that the majority of my pursuits were frivolous. I was forced to learn how to be happy in the absence of those things and in the presence of my own captivity. Don’t get me wrong. All of the material things in the world bring a form of happiness, but it is momentary. Sometimes that happiness is an utter farce. There are plenty of people who are successful and have many things who are plagued with depression and who have attempted or committed suicide. Being in here has forced me to assess myself continuously so I can learn myself well enough to know what makes me truly happy. With all the distractions in life, people have no time or interest in looking far enough inward to learn themselves thoroughly. This is why they can never achieve real, sustained happiness. This is why people are depressed, why they lack self esteem, why they try to fill the space where self-sustaining happiness should go with trivial pursuits and unnecessary things. This is why people do crazy things to be accepted by others. Your happiness should never come from or be contingent upon whether or not you’re accepted by anyone else. Your happiness will be authentic and everlasting once you accept yourself and be adamant about being 100% of yourself 100% of the time. The other things in life only bring evanescent and hollow happiness because they were never meant to be the source of it. They were meant to compliment and enhance it, but nothing can be complimented or enhanced if it doesn’t already exist on its own. A man or woman can’t make you happy if you aren’t already happy inside. Neither will a job, a car, money, acceptance from others, fame, revenge or anything else outside of an extremely wealthy love for yourself. Knowing yourself fully and always being yourself completely will bring you permanent joy. This will bring about a genuine love for self that is indelible. I’m not saying there won’t be times of sadness and pain, because nobody can dodge the curve balls of life. Trust me, I at least know that much. What we can do though is swing at those curve balls with our knowledge, prudence and love of self. We can learn to deal with situations and circumstances without the “why me” attitude which causes self pity, cultivates bad energy and obscures your perspective. In instances where it’s possible, we can learn to turn bad situations to our benefit. Happiness isn’t something you pursue, as some would lead you to believe. It is something you awaken from within. It’s brought to fruition from the inside out. For example, children are happy naturally. Why? Because it comes from within. They don’t need any of the things we as adults see as important for happiness so we risk life and limb to pursue. All the worries, turmoil and chasing of the frivolous is learned behavior just like everything else they learn. It pushes the natural happiness into dormancy until we can reach far enough within to reawaken it. Before they learn any of those things from watching you, a small child can be happy with nothing. They can jump around, dancing, laughing and playing with absolutely nothing but their own imagination. So, I say again that life is precious. Why? Because time is irreplaceable and cannot be prolonged, which makes every instance of life lived within every moment special. If we know this already, why aren’t we spending every second we can happy? Or at least spending the proper time to discover what really makes us happy so we can nurture it into an everlasting sensation from the inside out? Find your happiness. Peace.

Rodney Fenner
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