Mark Blain

“The Ripple Effect” by Mark Blain

It isn’t something most of us are aware of. In fact, one could posit that our thoughts, actions, inactions, words, mannerisms, emotions, trajectory eyeing, etc., (just plain old ordinary, everyday LIVING, to us) all play intricate and incredibly complex roles relative to the “Ripple Effect,” and we are sooooo inadequately intuned to the resultant consequences of our “LIVING,” as we unawaringly go about our self-serving lives, that it’s a wonder we even still exist?!!! That is, one would think the Cosmos would turn against us and destroy us before we destroy LIFE EVERLASTING, itself!!!

Do you know what “LIFE EVERLASTING” really is?!!! Do you even care?!!! It is, without equivocation, the AAAaahhhhhaaa of our existence. Without this enlightening connection to the One True God, Father Yahweh, our ability to “function” would be seriously hindered.

Quite a bit of this writing is an attempt by this author to delve deep into his own life, address the pitfalls we think we are aware of, especially BEFORE they become the very lingering “Ripple Effects” this titled work examines. But I digress and we must move forward! Eh?

Just in case you’ve picked up this writing and are not fully aware of the “Ripple Effect” concept, here’s the general brief explanation: you are standing on the edge of a pond. It is a serene day and the water is still; so still that the surface appears mirror like… reflective and glassine. You pick up a pebble, toss it towards the center of the pond, and watch as it plunks into the surface. The initial entry causes a forceful and dramatic fracturing of the once serenely still waters. Following this fracture is a now constant wave after wave of circular growth’s, growing in circumferences, as the causation from the pebble; that is, “The ripple Effect.” Life, in and of itself, is a series of decisions (throwing of pebbles). Then, and only after the pebble is thrown, can we discern — to some degree — the resultant consequences (waves); cause and effect. In this realm, or our physical plane, there are certain “CONSTANTS” (physics and the related math) that allow for us, with near-perfect accuracy, to predict some of these effects, but ONLY as time/space allow for. This is the MOST SIMPLISTIC appreciation of the “Ripple Effect,” and strangely enough we seemingly ‘struggle’ with it. Imagine how much more complex things can get in the appreciations of the “other realms,” etc.? One perfect case example of the simplist of these is the “splitting of the atom,” and Oppenheimer’s words afterwards: “I have become Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds.” To you and I this may not truly seem to be one of the more simpler cases in point; id est., not everyone understands physics, etc., and we note that this ended up with entire cities vaporized by a single bomb, but I assure you it is the most simplistic of the “Ripple Effects” concepts on this plane. And sooooo, again, what of THAT WHICH IS BEYOND OUR REALM?

Before venturing forth into the realm of the unknown I must warn you. This composition will challenge you in ways you never thought possible, and it will challenge everything you presently believe is real. Yes, these are quite the startling statement. But they aren’t the SCARY thing at all. The frightening realization here within these pages is forthcoming….

“The Ripple Effect,” (Part One)
By Mark Blain

Closing query for anyone: Have you ever been treated soooo evilly that it chills your very soul? Have you ever been afraid of your own ghost?

Until Next Time, Agape In Him. Truly, MB

Mark Blain
DOC #1154225


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