Devaughn Mcqueen

Relationship By Devaughn McQueen

Hi today I have had a lot of time to my self and I was thinking about relationship because a friend ask me something and it was deep he is in a relationship with a woman and he love her and he say she love him the same way but the thing is he have ( H.I.V.) and have not told her at all and ask me what he should he do I told him that he should tell her and he told me that he think that will run her a way I told him it may run her a way but she have the right to no about that and he is about to go home and she want him to come stay with her and they both want to make a kid so he told me he is just going to give her what she want then tell her and I told him that is not right at all and he told me a woman did it to him so why not do it to some one back and I told him it is only right to do what is right by telling her. I told him a relationship and some one heart is not what you want to play with and if you love her like you say you do you will let her no.I also told him that you never no she my still by your side if you tell her the real he thinking if he tell her she my just stop talking to him and I told him that may happen but I think she will still be a friend to now me telling him to do what is right he is mad at me and do not want to talk to me no more and it is make me mad because he ask me what he should do and I told him and now he is mad like I told him he is a good man he feel like this because the guys in here say things that hurt but like I told him I do not see him been sick and ever body is not like the guys in here you have people like me that see him as the guy he what I want to no is what should I do to help him out with telling her the real if it is any one that can help me help him with this can you please get back with me God bless.

Devaughn McQueen
DOC #443-443

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  1. You were right. Give him time and he may come to realize that your advice was good. Not only should he tell her for her own sake, but also for the child they both want. The risk of passing HIV to an unborn child is one in four.


  2. You did the right thing. You were completely right to advise him to tell her. He would want to know if it were her the one with HIV. If he us mad at you, then so be it. God will bless you for leading this man on the right path. Just pray he takes it. If not, you did all that you could. If she leaves him, then she has to answer for that. If not, then it was truly meant to be. Just because someone didn’t tell him before he got the virus does not mean it is right to do the same to someone else. Life isn’t fair, but we can make one choice at a time to do the right thing. Even when it is hard. Hang in there and keep on making those right choices.


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