Tevin Bennett

“LIFE” by Tevin Bennett

Have you ever taken the time to think about what your life is worth to you? I mean really think about how much you value your life. The answer is probably no. Most people don’t think about the value of their life because their to busy living it. Its only when something bad happens to you or your life gets taken away from you that the picture crystallizes. People speed through life everyday never really appreciating the little things that the world has to offer us. Spending time with your loved ones whenever you want to, going where ever you want to and a million other little things. I thought I was living life once upon a time but in reality having money, cars, clothes and women does not mean that your living your life to its full potential. The most precious things in life are free, loving and protecting your family, having great friends that want the best for you and have genuine love for you, growing old and living a full life while watching the next generation of your family grow, uplifting the people around you even when you don’t have to. Those are the true jewels life has to offer us. My hope is that you take this knowledge and try to implement it into your daily life. I’m blessed to have learned these things but its to late for me, I have no “LIFE”.
Be well

Tevin Bennett
DOC #632-615


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