Ray Grant

Introducing Ray Grant

my name is Ray Grant
i am 42 9\15\18
i have been incarcerated since 2000
and i am fighting a single life sentence
i grew up in danville V.A.
i am a humble servant for the people and, i really enjoy putting forth the effort to be a sacrifice for the sake of my fellow comrades and women alike. i want you to know that i DO NOT intend for my blogg to be imaginative but to be realized by just a single thought. i am a realist! not direspectful but loving! i really want to help heal US! it is too much hate going on in the world so if you are of the same thought please tell me! i made some serious mis- steps in my life and it cost me every thing, i’m not talking material gains…. not my assumed freedom but the time with my family. and as i write this i am preparing to see my son in prison with me. be blessed y’all

Ray Grant
DOC #1038293


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