Jeremy Summers

Condemned By: Jeremy Summers

” I live the life of a condemned soul….. I struggle with my heart, mind, and soul…… I feel like it is a losing battle…… I have been condemned to life imprisonment and had my very soul and life took away in a flash….. I don’t worry about my future or what is to come or has gone…… I’m in the shadows forgotten, out of sight out of mind….. My family turned on me in the time I needed them most…. My friends pass judgement but don’t know the truth……. I have been cast awayed in a pit of darkness full of malice and misery…….. After almost 10 years I still don’t grasp how I got here in this cell at a maximum security prison…… Do not judge me, fore you do not understand……….”

Jeremy Summers #602-458
PO BOX 45699


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  1. Try not to tell the reader they don’t understand, when they haven’t told you that yet. People will always judge. It’s in their nature – yours too. If you want people to know the truth, then tell the story without prejudging how they’ll receive it. You have a good way with words.


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