*A Fallen Dove* By: X’Yn Davis

it’s crazy how falsely loved I was.
Witched lead me to believe, I-was.
Deceived by lie’s, my eye’s, fell like an angle above.
My wings snapped!!! I feel pain!! Can you picture a dove??
It’s an light from the dove, purely from love.
Despised the white light, I’ve been drugged through the mud.
With injury’s that could of been healed, with… only a hug.
Now his pain starting to grow and that light that be had, is now a small glow.
You would think you’d be able to tell the differents between a dove and a crow….
But you can’t!! Or they can’t!! So all y’all see is the crow.
Add a mixture of hate, into a valuture I grow.
Circling my victims!!…
Who will be the next dove to go??
* A Fallen Dove *

X’Yn Davis
DOC #713828


Categories: INMATE POEMS, X'Yn Davis

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