James Alexander


Inhale, now let it out…Breathe easy. Gotta get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing. You ready? Let’s go!
It’s not about the moment but the preparation for YOUR moment..
Outta breath, gasping for air, heart rapidly beating, pulse racing, sweat dripping down my brow…”I GOTTA WIN!” rewriting the script. They tell me to take my time life’s not a sprint but a marathon. “BUT I GOTTA GET’EM…” My thoughts, dreams and ideas, I can hear’ em. They were all kicking it together plotting against me… ” GOT’EM IN SIGHT… Scope sighted!
Every time ink hits the pad, it’s like assault with a deadly weapon…
My goals and ambitions teaming up wit my drive and determination should be illegal… So illegal wit this pen, say the pen is mightier than the sword, I’ll never do anything illegal again.
Just caught my second wind. Veered off that beaten path traveled by many, decided to leave my own trail…Slipped and fell, lost conscious. Was awakened to my dreams administering C.P.R…regained consciousness, vision still blurry. Can barely make out the finish line…My thoughts wrapped its arms around me, helped me to my feet. Hearing my ideas beckoning to me. Got my legs back under me…Caught my stride no conscious when I’m in my zone…
Pounding the pavement caught up in the ‘PAPER’ chase…” Here he comes” they chant. Haters hoping I fail, praying I fall again…”What you go do?” They scream. Rise to the occasion. Hurdle every obstacle. Was s’pose to pass the baton, passed it to myself. Switched it from my left hand to the right hand. Transferred the adversity, turned it into opportunity. “They say he’s cheating!” I guess that’s how they view it when you’re BORN TO WIN!
Gaining speed. It’s crazy when your DREAMS START TO BELIEVE IN YOU!
Closing in…
Passed my THOUGTS and IDEAS. Got my GOALS in my peripheral…
Posing for the camera…

P.O BOX 120


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