Mark Blain

Introducing Mark Blain

Greetings to all of you who care, and are interested in the topics we share. My name is Mark Blain. I am 56. I was locked up in July of 1982, in Newport News, VA, for murder, robbery and firearm’s charges. I plead guilty and was sentenced to Life plus 42 yrs. I have been incarcerated for 36 yrs. now. I do still have a chance for discretionary parole consideration, and go up every year. This is my first attempt at “Blogging”. Hopefully I won’t bore anyone too much. If anyone wishes to get in touch with me, you can go to the Jpay website and set up a email acct. with me there; or you can write me via snail mail: .MARK BLAIN, 1154225 xxx Nottoway Corr. Ctr., LOE/108-B xxx P. O. Box 488 xxx Burkeville, VA 23922

DOC #1154225


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