Roderick Dyette

Remember, realign, rejoice By Roderick Earl Dyette

Of all of the things I hear from guys that have returned to the system what I hear louder than their (excuses) is what they are not saying. which is how they strayed away from the people; and things they used to stay strong while in here. They stopped praying, working out, reading, and stopped dealing with the woman (Queen) and family members. It is good to look back to move forward. Some if not most, need to look back to remember how to move forward or to remind themselves that they have what it take to do more than make ends meet or to gratify the wants and desires of the flesh. It is good to look back to sustain your gratefulness while dealing with the challenges at hand while on track. On track towards what? fulfilling your purpose and destiny, legacy. That word “legacy” is not said or used enough to highlight what living is all about. What legacy, who’s legacy do our young people have to look to with pride and esteem. Men in prison are reminded every day that they owe God,family and community a better man. Get out and forget all about it as if thinking positive and doing positive things is reserved only for killing time. Leaving brothers like myself to bear the burden. We do not complain we just comply to the task at hand which is being a Mr.Right (right thinking) over being Mr. available (Just there).

Roderick Dyette
DOC #1111137

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