Felix Brown Jr.

NEWS WORTHY by Felix Brown Jr.

I humbly seek assistance and/or suggestions in the proper way to proceed in having the enclosed news worthy article published in the following newspapers:
1). Tribune Chronicle (Warren, Ohio)
2). Niles Times (Niles,Ohio)
3). Youngstown Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio).

How should you, as a member of society, respond when presented with irrefutable evidence that our judicial system has been, and continues to be, corruptly manipulated by those elected to protect the integrity of it? Would you stand up to this type of injustice?

What if the evidence clearly exposed a practice of purposely misleading a jury in direct regard to the actual facts and events of a defendant’s case, solely for the purpose to fraudulently manipulate them into arriving at a guilty verdict? And, then, thereafter, cause the trial transcript to be intentionally altered (inaccurately transcribed) so that the reversible judicial and prosecutorial misconducts – which substantially contributed to the jury arriving at the guilty verdict – would not appear in the record. Which, in turn, prevented the defendant from receiving a review and determination of those omitted constitutional violations by state appellate, and federal, judges?

For example: Within Felix Brown Jr.’s jury trial; (then) Assistant Prosecutor Cynthia Westcott Rice asked (then) Summit County Coroner, William Cox; during her examination of him on the witness stand – where he was qualified by the trial court as an expert witness: “IN YOUR PROFESSIONAL OPINION DOES THIS WOUND, THE CONTACT WOUND, PUT YOU IN THE MIND OF AN EXECUTIONAL-STYLE SHOOTING?

Felix’s trial transcrpt (trial court record) reads that: Dr. Cox “DID NOT”, I repeat “DID NOT” answer this question.

But you: the members of the jury; the witnesses who testified; as well as all who were present during Dr. Cox’s testimony; know that this is inaccurate.

A constitutional error solely designed to purposely mislead the jury…!

Another Prime Example: Felix Jr.’s trial transcript reads: that “AT NO TIME DID JUDGE SHAKER ASK THE JURY THE IDENTITY OF THOSE SPECIFIC JURORS WHOSE VERDICT WERE IN THE MINORITY IN OPENED COURT”; when the members of the jury where returned to the courtroom for supplemental jury instruction upon announcing that they REMAINED deadlocked on Count One – The Murder Charge.

But, again, you: the members of the jury; as well as you whom were present when the jury were returned to the courtroom during this particular stage of Felix Jr.’s jury trial proceedings; know that this depiction is also inaccurately transcribed in the Trial Court Record.

Yet, another omitted reversible constitutional violation that Felix Jr. has, thus far, been unjustly prevented from receiving a review and determination on!

If you are truly interested in NOW being instrumental in correcting this injustice, righting a wrong; visit www. inmate blogger.com, and click on Felix Brown Jr.’s page –

Felix Brown Jr.
DOC #312-676


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