Kenneth Nixon

Introducing Kenneth Nixon

My: Name : Kenneth Dewayne Nixon . I’m from: Baton Rouge ,Louisiana . My Age32 years old ,Dob: 10/9/1985 A( libra) Hct 6’1, Weight 154, complexion Brown eyes brown, hair wavy. I work out alot . Contact info : write to if ur typing and writing My Doc: # 00491143 Rlcc 1630 prison rd. cottonport,La. 71327 release date Ds 3/2/2024 FTD (9/3/2052 Tatal sentence 40 Yrs offender class 2 chargess one count of manslaughter and two counts of second degree attempted murder . I never Graduated high school but i have my GOD,My family own there own buisness we have money . My Nationality : I’m Ethiopan, Kenyan, Asian, and Nigerian. My Ancestors are from : Ethiopia It’s people or culture archaic black designating or of biogeographic realm that includes madagascar and all of Africa, except some parts of N africa in the palearctic realm a person born or living in Ethiopia a rchaic a black person. My:Asian parts of asia or it’s peoples , languages or cultures a person born or living in asia term now generally preferred over asiatic . My; Kenyan parts country in Ec africa ,on the indian ocean formerly a british crown colony and protect or ate ,it became independent in(1960); a republic since (1963): member of the commonwealth abu ja Nigerian .so now i’ll drop a little insight into my likes and dislikes and the way my mind opperates .i posses a seemingly know it all atitude that can typically paralyze the image of myself at times . i’m not selish or self conceded ,but only confident .at times i could be a bit over-zealous, meaning full of, characterized .I’ve than made alot of mistakes ,espite being incarcerated for 3 men trying to kill my 12 year old nephew. i had a real bad mean side when it comes to seomone messing with la,famillia .I’m over interesting ! likes ,all sports ,music ,writing reading good books ,i’m re-reading the bible the new moon and eclipse. ‘m a christian and believethat GOD sent Jesus to save us and rescue us from the danger of sin i like to converse on any level of life . I like playing chess and a hard working man at any job i get put on. horseback riding ,swimming , dancing .i’m open minded , lovong romantic entelligent , understanding , compassionate , affectionate ,funny but strong ,real honest ,never been married and have 1 child i little girl she’s 14year old her name is tae,tae . I dislike people who think they could play mentle gymnastices with me .I’m not into people who lie . I never been in love before so my objective is to find a woman in between the age of 35 too 48 even 50 i just love older ladys .so i truly hunger for a sincer real life friendship maybe more .so lets find out if i’m qualified and up to who ever standards i meet I’m not trying to plagerise any body by assinaing there charictor so Mrs. Suzie Jennings i thank u for believing in men in jail, to take ur time to put us out there in the world, like ur doing it means alot to me and the guys u have wrote. we thank u in the name of jesus because we need a voice because at time people act like thay dont understand us as human beings . thank u agian GOD is going to bless u for ur hard work and i wish u and ur GOD’s blessings Thanks for ur time . bye!!!!!

Kenneth Nixon
DOC #00491143


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