Christopher Johnson

“I Grew From A Juvenile Mindset To A Adult Mentality” By: Christopher Johnson

Hello to all who may be concerned.May this introduction blog find you in the best of health as well as spirit.My name is Christopher Johnson,I’m 33 yrs old,Black Male 6’2 194 lbs.I love music,reading,exercising.However my guilty pleasure is making other people smile.Being on this journey from (2001)at 16 years old to now has made me a man of great wisdom in ways I couldn’t never imagined it would.Prison if nothing else teaches you to value the simple things in life, ONLY if you value yourself enough to move in that direction that manifests that growth.It will happen.And since this blog will be viewed by many,I would like to give my highest regards to the women out there and everyone who understand our struggle.You all are the cornerstone that motivate me EVERYDAY to be a better MAN.I should be home sometimes next year 2019.However,The way things are looking it’s a strong possibility this year.I want to end this introduction by saying,”Always believe in yourself,even when it seems others don’t.”Feel free to contact me at: Christopher Johnson #472377 R.L.C.C Cajun 3 B-1 8 1630 Prison Road. Cottonport,La 71327 (email

Christopher Johnson
DOC #472377

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