Matthew Newton

A Journey to Discover Truth: (The Frustation) Matthew l Newton

What is power? Is it strength? Is it ability? Is it energy or will? Is it the assertion of will over another? Is it the choices you make to not do, or to do what you wish to do or what you wish for others? Is it control? Is it just the want to go on, to summen the strength to get up and force yourself over the edge?
Movement comes when we decide to continue in a direction, any direction, just go and not look back. We stop, we start, we stop again. So in our efforts are the beginnings of power. What comes as a surprise to us at first turns out to be the very thing we latch onto to throw our mind away and sweep into ourselves a new kind of will. We can say it is God or the Universe or Nature or Ourselves, but it simply is, and we are just as much a part of it as it is a part of itself. The one thing that moves us, allowing us to,

Let Go By Moving Forward.

Picking up the pieces of our past is an effect, born from our own choices. We can either point our fingers at the problems we’ve created, stating that they alone are the roots of our evils and they alone will be our downfall should we not find, ‘somehow’ a way to move passed them; or we can simply move passed them, recognizing that WE are the cause and WE are the effect and that WE alone are the reasons that we are doing so well or so poorly.

“What is the world without us anyway?”

So true is the nature of power. Summen the strength to get up, piss on the fingers, and move passed the hurts. This can be applied to just about anything that you do.

So true also is the nature of choice. It is ours to make. One can do for everyone all that they see fit; One may only, however, do for themself the things that allow oneself to keep living. How much of you do you want to availible to everyone? How much of you do wish to keep for yourself?

Life is a bucket, fill it up, dump it out, fill it up again.

Matthew Newton
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