“Just to Name a few” a poem by William Morgan

After I meet her,I keep her,Sweep her,Derek jeter,Mlb her,I tried to two seat her,but the Robin Givens&Taylor swifts in her made me think twice,Clappers in my ear so I roll the dice like I’m on the Vegas strip,Hoping that they catch my Tokyo drift,

You see the strippers out here poppin and rock in two pieces,and I’m attracted to them, but I’m trying to run them (Bands) up no bit coins,or creases,But the Jacki chains keep creeping and peeping, policing,but I’m low key,my key’s continue to turn,I’m out here creating my turn like Kevin heart,Being broke break’s my heart so I spark venues,My character manifest the news,I like to coin it Bossism,no hatred,no venom,
No reptile,I study names like Gates and liles,names to comprehend,I keep a Bad boy memoir,S.carters a star indeed,Keep out signs rest in front of me like old roads leading to lord knows,My old cat’s sowed the don’t go in there seed,I tend to believe in four circle foreigns bending corners bow legged, knocking the weekend or Jagged edge looking at sweetheart like damn she’s drop dead,Gorgeous, and of course I’m on her as if she was Megan good,

I’m the epic center of intellectual hood,Yet I’m common like the corner with heavy Chevy’s,Ice tech Bezzy’s,Range Rover’s, and Seven’s,with (Remy) in the red cup’s,And I’m the champ, so I keep the cup’s like Manchester United,(Shot’s out to Mls),To be honest I’m kind of spooked about flying United,I gotta phobia about being kicked off the plane like doctor(Chung) if that was the one to remember?

I’m picasso-ing,Vango-ing-ish,so I’m trying to water color the picture,Call me Mr.adverbs to features, exclusive creatures,Chasing purses no straps,No caps,No limitations,And despite popular belief around here there’s no saving them,Let them go where they may,Because if I had a dollar for every time that she’d say this is her first my thirst would reflect JP Morgan chase,Back in the 90’s I lobbied Brown& Base,

Questions linger in my head like How come the famous always Kevin Gates,Martha Stewart, or Bernie Madoff, Me I’m ready to take off into the night line,Jimmy Fallon my lines upon lines,Sipping Milagro with just a little bit of lime on the side,Like I’m buying up the bar while listening to BB kings guitar,

Dressed in cufflinks that make them blink twice,or Maybe Steve Harvey tonight,Like moving from set to set where the next is better than the ex,and the rest is like,damn it was so good that I might call my momma and tell her that I’m ah–Never mind it wasn’t that good!

I think it’s time that I dance with the stars not literally,but I would love the foreign cars,stuffed cigars,and diamonds linked hand and hand,like the Million man, as if we really knew what it means to stand together, I’m talking F.Mayweather on private lanes with some stewardess named diamond ,I’m in like DJ kaled,bringing people together,or running around barefooted like Lenny kravitz, Party hard abstracted,I been a avid Afleck,accounting for whatever I can get,mirroring Cedrics entertainments,there’s no containing it,the names come and go,this I know for sure,mines will never fade,I say good day,

I say get paid, it feels a lot better than getting slayed,Ak’d,Changed they call it,And no matter what you do these people will continue to call you out the air like Airplanes-piloted by Harrison ford,You know damn well if that was yours,they would be quick to sideline you like Michael Vick,and have you remembering the times on some Michael Jackson Shit………………

Comment to me about the literature via…

William Morgan
DOC #561-985


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