Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Damn he got me

As I lay in this hospital bed,on life
support, somewhat conscious
All I can think of is,damn he got me
My long lost friend
Nigga I trusted with my life,was willing to
kill me,for it all
Just because he had no discipline
in the game and kept falling off
While I disciplined myself at a early age
And rised to power eventually
And then still
I kept feeding him
Because me been a real ni###
You never wanna see ya day one
I even tried to sit him down
And talk to him about ,how serious,
this shi# is ,the game
The life we alwayz wanted
But it went in one ear and out the other
As I lay here
Slightly hearing my mama and grandma
crying and praying to God
“Please dont let our baby die”
I feel real bad for them
Because I’m bout to die
He shot me 7 times,all in my upperbodie
And I can’t fight no more
I been on life support for 4 days
Damn he got me
But before I die
I’m Just having flashbacks of all the goodtimes,we had over the yrs
Me and my long lost friend
The shootouts with n###a
Making it rain at the strip clubs
Hitting big boi liks together
Buying whips off the lot at the same time
Taking are kids on shopping sprees
Damn he got me
And I never seen it coming
Because I was too concerned about him
I guess this is the cost of been a realest
Goodbye world

Take a picture I’m innocent mom

Most of our moms in the hood
wanted the best for us
But we coulding see it clearly
We loved the street more then
our moms ,real talk
See in our minds ,long as we had the flyest gear,jewels and cars
And was able to give are loved ones
a couple dollars,when they needed it
We felt like God,flat out
Not evening caring about
The storm that becoming with it
The jail time ,the death of loved ones
and ourselves
I’ve seen thousands of pictures of dead
brothers that was getting that paper
And it hurt my heart
When I think about ,there families
that they left be hide in the struggle
I left my family be hide in the struggle
for 23yrs with 7 left to the streets
Sh#t real wake up brothers now
And get from under da hood

Blessings to everybody that checks my
page out and stay strong forever God
loves us all
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #466-513


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