Eric Hendon

by Eric Hendon

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Since my incarceration I’ve received quite a few responses on jpay from strangers who’ve noticed my ad on ” write – a – prisoner. com ” website. The vast majority of individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve grown to cherish and value more then those I once considered close to me before my incarceration. It saddens me to an extent. Because as long as I was present I was relevant. And those who did decide to bless me with there presence throughout this journey seem to throw it in my face every chance they get whether directly or subliminally. certain people out there in society are under the impression that just because we’re in a position of being deprived of our freedom that we’re willing to just accept certain treatment from friends and loved ones in exchange for their companionship and assistance. For the most part some of my peers do consider accepting what individuals choose to dish out to them under these circumstances as a way of compromising. out of fear of not wanting to endure this suppressive journey alone without any mental or financial support. In my particular situation to me it seems as if some peoples way of coping with my current reality has been to simply neglect me entirely or at lease that’s how I’ve been interpreting their silence. time in some cases doesn’t heal all wombs. it sounds good. but here’s some food for thought …….. for some despite whatever title that defines your association with them. Everybody has those imaginary lines that exist that will not always be known to you. That if you were to dare cross will leave you in a state of curiosity and confusion without warning or any explanation as to why simply mending things just isn’t an option. I unfortunately learned the hard way and I have no one to blame but myself. I’ve managed to lose so many people in my life that still exist in a physical form. acknowledging the ” wake ” with each day I wake up and there no longer just a phone call away. hurts deeply.

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Eric Hendon
DOC #a683128

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