Joshua Ritter

Bettering myself in Prison by Josh Ritter

Well even though I’m in prison, I’m doing what I can do to better myself. This is important to me so that when I do go home I STAY HOME.
I currently am enrolled in a culinary arts class here at Lebanon Correctional Institution. This not only will provide me with a path to a non drug dealing life but it also will knock off 90 days off of my sentence. I’m already a day closer to home because of this class as is. June 2 2022.
I applied to become the class representative for when we have sit in days for the advisory committee. By doing this I’ll be in charge of relaying information back to my class mates from business owners who are on this committee. Plus I get a catered meal as well. I’ve already began to plan how I’m going to utilize this opportunity. I plan on graduating this class in June of 19. Then upon my release I plan on attending a place in Cleveland Ohio called Edwin’s Institute. They take felons who have this current class and put them on a six month path to a culinary arts degree. Then they also offer job placement upon completion.
Well y’all I’m just writing and wanted to let people know that no matter where you are in life you can always choose to do better. I’m writing this from an 8 x 10 cell and telling you that THERE IS HOPE.

anyone who feels like they need a lil insight or motivation can feel free to add me on jpay and we can chop it up more. I’m happy that I’m finding my way in life. Its never to late to make your life go the right direction. I’m tired of disappointment so I’ve made the choice to actually do something about it.

DOC #716-432


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