Matthew Newton

A Journey to Discover Truth: (The Figure) by Matthew L Newton

And there you are, now sitting, when where the sound of an ‘A’ is enough. It wasn’t the picture you thought would appear, these messages sent by your ghost, yet the stale mind of hope has been vanguished, leaving its corpes, a pile of ash by your feet, that tethered inference by a trail of ants you may be led. This is the now, the moment, the new and you have come to it by being present; so it has been also said of the living. Yet definition of this ‘new’ may be lacking, so in for this penny we pound;

Give Up By Letting Go.

What the meaning is you may wonder, yet to you an answer has not, for there by the ash do you sit and complain of the day when you had what you wanted and framed your whole life to a page from a magezine, perfect;
“Now I’m who I want to be.” You would say, and this was worth it. Enough. As much as you could handle.

So plainly now, I’ll speak of the lending, this action you must if ever to break. There are what you wish to be, there is what you are. The difference is you. What you were, leave it. What you wish, let it go. What will be, can you stop it? What you want, can you have it today, no questions asked, no money down, no sign and drive? Where you want to be, are you not there already? Where you see yourself tomorrow, are you leaving where you are today to get there?

We live so much for a day that most do not ever see coming, and “if”, the impossible statement, our minds ever become ‘made-up’ we might for the sake of the moment discover some semblence of truth, yet for it will sacrifice joy to obtain the want we fake for need. You can wish to let go, if it suits you, courage being a frame you create to convince yourself that you are headed in the right direction. Being couragous however only gets you as far as the highway, so pack a bag. You may be out for awhile.

So be for the one that you are, your true self, be open and joyfull and glow. You can create your own story of life, if only you let your life go.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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