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Q. Okay. So, what happened?

A. He was talking about his experience being in the Marines with that helicopter crash again. And, how he was tired of having his friends dying and people being, you know, sterotypical and not believing him about him actually going through that. And it upset him deeply, and Mr. Bomber said, you know, I’m — You know, I’m going through some problems myself. I know what you feel like to have somebody close to you that passes away, because I was very close to my Mom. And —

Q. What happened next?

A. He continued — Mr. Bomber was — still continued to talk about the relationship that he was having with his wife and the custody battle. And you could — Like, I was listening to David talk but the whole time while David was talking —

Q. You’d heard all of that before, right?

A. Yeah. Like, it was no big news to me. I was listening to David talk, but my attention was not towards him. It was towards Mr. Worrell. I was watching his body language turn from, you know, I’m upset and depressed to, don’t talk to me. Like —

Q. And when you say depressed, what do you mean?

A. Like, you know, have normal skin color, but, you know, it’s somewhat filmy.

Q. Okay.

A. To turning beet red.

Q. Okay. And then what happened?

A. After David had finished saying what he needed to say, he elbowed Mike. And he said, now cheer up, I think it’ll be okay. And as the elbow went across him, he was finishing the sentence, Mr. Worrell snapped and went and turned and got Mr. Bomber into headlock. And while he was in the headlock, he was saying, I don’t give a “F” about your kids. I don’t care what you’ve been through. It’s nothing I’ve been through. I could kill you right now and not care.

Q. Well, how long did that last?

A. Well, it lasted long enough to where he was turning blue and gray in the face. And I was don’t — I was on my knees in the floor trying to get into the middle of them of them two, trying to push back. I tried the cop technique behind the ear with Michael to try to, you know, be able for him to break free.

Q. Were the two (2) of them on the couch together? Were they partially on the couch and the floor? I mean —

A. Mr. Bomber’s head went from being — He was sitting maybe two (2) — about four (4) inches away from Michael. And when he did that it made his head go to the left side of the couch all the way down. His neck was like this.

Q. Okay.

A. And Michael was underneath him. His legs were hanging off the couch into the floor.

Q. Did Michael finally let go? Or did David finally escape?

A. He had escaped.

Q. Okay. And how did that happen?

A. By bringing up one of his arms and pushing into Michael’s throat area and backing him off. And as he got up — As Mr. Bomber got up — he went — went into the kitchen. His face was starting to come back to color and started turning red and you could see the blood — blood flow start coming back. And he was holding his throat trying to catch his breath. His mouth was hung open.

Q. And then what happened?

A. Mr. Worrell got up and was walking in towards his direction, not in a slow pace, but not in a running —

Q. He wasn’t running?

A. He wasn’t running, but he wasn’t walking normal.

Q. Did he say anything?

A. No. He didn’t say anything. I — I either said David or no. What — But, I knew that I said something. But —

Q. In a loud voice?

A. Yes. But, with distention.

Q. So, what happened?

A. As Mr. Worrell was walking back towards David —

Q. Could you see David from where you were?

A. Uh.

Q. Or did you just know that he was in the kitchen?

A. I knew he was in the kitchen, but also I could see bits and pieces of what he was doing.

Q. What was he doing?

A. When he first went in he was holding his throat trying to catch his breath. I could see his color come back, because I could see a side view of his face. I couldn’t see his body completely and fully, but I could see enough from the side view.

Q. Okay.

A. As Mr. Worrell was walking back towards the kitchen —

Q. Did Mr. Worrell say anything as he was walking back there?

A. No.

Q. Okay.

A. I don’t believe so.

Q. What happened next?

A. David turned his head and seen that he was coming towards him. He — David grabbed a knife and stabbed Mr. Worrell.

Q. Okay. How close to the kitchen door was this?

A. Do you have photos?

Q. Well, it’s your apartment.

A. I’m trying to pinpoint it exactly. It wasn’t but maybe a step or two.

Q. Okay.

A. From the kitchen door.

Q. Did David say anything when he stabbed Mr. Worrell?

A. No.

Q. All right. Now how many times did he stab him?

A. One (1).

Q. And what did he do with the knife after he stabbed him?

A. He threw it.

Q. And now, was this a knife that you yourself had used personally?

A. Yes.

Q. And what kind of knife was it?

A. It was a regular steak knife.

Q. It was a steak knife. Was it a part of a set?

A. Yes.

Q. And, how many knives and what type of knives comprise the set?

A. The set was regular steak knives, a chef —

Q. A chef’s knife?

A. Yes

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