Paul Stotts

“Stories of incouragment from inside the walls of Lansing, day two of Relentless event” By Paul Stotts

Day two… I’m lovin’ it!!! These past two days have been filled with stories of inspiration, love, and incouragment for us men who are taking classes from Cody Carter here at Lansing Max. prison.
How do you know that your at a prison ministry outreach in Kansas…? When you hear that someone donated a cow to the ministry… that is how you know your officially in Kansas!!! Let me tell you, the food over the past two days was great. But even better than the food was the message and love that was shared by the volunteers. There are a couple moments that stuck out to me that I’ll share with you.
The first is a story that a man told about selling a house. This story spoke strongly to me as an example of integrity. The man shared how recently he had put an extra family house on the market. A prospective buyer came and informed him that he was interested, however he was taking out a V.A. loan and the process might take a minute. V.A. loans are a bit trickier to get and require rigrious inspections. The man made the deal to sell when the V.A. loan was aproved, entered into a contract to sell and got things in line to make the deal.
In the mean time, a second man had come and was interested in buying the house. This second man offered to pay more for the house, pay cash, and would but it uninspected (vs. the V.A. loan requiring the house to be fixed before the loan would be approved) The realotor told the seller (the man who shared the story with us) that it would be easy to get out of the loan and sell to this second man.
The message over the two days was “Integrity.” The man held to his very high standard of integrity and say “No,” I made a deal with this first man, V.A. loan or not, and I’m going to stick to my word. The story was powerful!!! I don’t know that I myself could have passed up the offer for more money and an easier sell. But your word is your bond… and I’m learning as I go that integrity is a huge part of what makes a man!
The second thing that I want to share is about this AMAZING singer/band that played for us. The name of the band is “The Salvage Project” frontmaned by Jeromy Darling. Let me tell you, this man can rock out!!! He told us stories of how he’d go play at retirement homes to altimers patients. My grandmother died of altimers during the time I’ve been in prison, so this really touched home to me.
He has an online following at I absolutly loved the song “The Guillotine,” if you have a change to listen to it, I think you’ll be impressed. On backup playing the paino was a man named Kurt. Jeromy and Kurt both came from Minnesota to play for us! Kurt I could tell had a deep love for music. He told me he parks cars for a living… such a simple life, yet bringing so much joy to us inmates. It really left an impression.
All the volunteers were great and helped this happen. Cody Carters “Relentless Prison Ministry” is the real deal for Lansing prison. He’s always looking for people that are interested in getting involved in prison fellowship. I’ll leave you here with his contact information. Maybe you are interested in being a blessing to some of us men who are working to change out life.
Relentless Prison Ministries
P.O. Box 362
Lansing, Kansas 66043
I’ve also been told there is a facebook page as well.
It’s people like this that are helping us in here get ready for the free world again. Prison needs more people like this, bringing love, hope and incouragment to us men that need it the most. God bless and have a great one.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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