Furnell Brown

“President Donald Chump” by Furnell Brown

I seen a story on the news the other day about the President of our United States. The story was about the current asministration EPA’s or CDC’s director lifting government restrictions on manufacturers who want to use the chemical asbestos.

Asbestos is a chemical that was widely used in building materials, some decades ago, and now is linked to lung cancer. After researchers made the connection between asbestos and cancer, most, if not all, manufacturing companies stopped using it because of liability issues. To this date, I still see attorney commercials on TV seeking potential clients to be apart of class action law suits against companies who used asbestos. Yet Donald Chump’s CDC or EPA director was on TV telling me “asbestos is safe!” Meanwhile, another cabinet member from the FDA says he want to tighten up on companies who sell products using the word “milk.” In other words, he wants to put a stop to products with names like “Almond Milk” because, he added, “almonds don’t lactate”, therefore, “it’s not real milk.” Are you fucking kidding me?!?! So it’s safe to breath cancerous asbestos air but I shouldn’t drink almond milk because almonds don’t lactate? That’s so Chump of him. He gives the green light on things that can kill us while red lighting harmless things like almond milk. I guess next they will go after “Star Kiss” because there are no “chickens in the sea”. Suprisingly unsurprised… I invite your responce.

Furnell Brown
DOC #394357

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