Loneliness by Matthew Carr

So it is just so amazing how here in prison we are surrounded and live so close to other people but yet still be so lonely. Its mind blowing at times. There is never really a moment where you are by yourself, or have time just to yourself. Yet you are constantly looking for someone to talk to or vent to. Maybe its just the pain or yearning for companionship. Not sure. Either way, this was what was on my heart today. Thank you for listening or reading.

St. Bride’s Correctional Center, Chesapeake VA

Matthew Carr
DOC #1366751

Categories: LONELINESS, Matthew Carr

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  1. A few words, but so meaningful: in short this person has described certain feelings, certain emotions, certain sensations. I know, for sure, what loneliness is; yet, in these lines, I could find the world of my childhood, my youth and my present.


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