William Morgan

Introducing William Morgan

My name is William D. Morgan #561-985 I was born in Chicago,IL on 4-19-78. I’ve been incarcerated for ten years on Robbery charges of which I am currently aggressively pursuing appeals in several districts. My maximum out date is November of 2044. However, I’m hoping to reduce that number to a reasonable amount of time, or to have my sentences dismissed.

I have a twelve year old son whom I love dearly, and I am anxiously awaiting the day when I will get to see him play soccer. Obviously I’ve taken upon a passion for studying law, but I also have other active ambitions such as writing, cooking, baking, spoken word poetry, music, and fitness training.
I hope to bless this creative environment with my thoughts, talents, and insights. I’m Incarcerated at Lebanon correctional institution P.O.Box 56, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. I also have several You tube performances from prison @ You tube search Tedxmarioncorrectional William “Chill” Morgan under the titled spoken word (Insane).

William Morgan
DOC #561-985

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