Forbidden Fruit By: Rodney Fenner

So beautiful, gorgeous and naturally enticing
Pleasing to my sight and perfectly fits to my liking
You are the manifestation of one of my deepest desires
The fulfillment of a void that my soul requires
You have a magnetism that refuses to be ignored
A gravitational pull, of which you are the source
Stuck in your orbit, my thoughts revolve around you
Building confidence for what my heart craves to do
I want to make you mine and reveal feelings I’ve hidden
But you are off limits. Restricted. Forbidden.
A fruit that would surely make my life more vivid
A fruit whose juice would caress my spirit
One whose very presence gives me a rush
One who my soul stretches to touch
You are close enough to feel, yet out of my reach
Guarded by a forcefield I cannot breach
It destroys my every effort a possession
But my attempts will continue in rapid succession
Until you are away from what’s shielding you
Letting me taste and savor my forbidden fruit

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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