Tyrell D. Erby

“8 Left” By Tyrell D. Erby

This Life is crazy , I never would have thought I’d be in here ever. I Was Only 18 for 3 days when I caught this case. I feel like I let so many people down you know? Trying too keep up with other Niggas and not keeping up with my self and making sure I’m Good, I Got locked up last year in the month of February 3, 2018 my out date is may 1, 2026. I’m 19 now going on 20 this January , Maybe I needed this, Moving too fast is a way to fuck up quick in life but I know now that I have to learn from my mistakes and Man up * If you wanna Get too know me Hmu on Jpay or write me through mail > Lebanon Correctional institution Po. box 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036 . Keep Ya Head Up This Only The beginning . RIP Taylor ❤

Tyrell Erby
DOC #738972


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