The Struggle By: Rodney Fenner

Obstacles in my path threaten to make stumble and fall
Somehow, one by one, I overcome them all
The length of my journey continues to make me weary
But for reasons unknown, my body keeps persevering
Fear darkens my life like a solar eclipse
But from somewhere within springs the courage to persist
I’m surrounded by hate that intends to suffocate me
I breathe only because love will never forsake me
Captivity is a virus that eats at me like a tapeworm
Freedom is the cure that helps me stay firm
Despair is my weakness that frequently surfaces
Hope is the strength that shows what my purpose is
I’m being chased by death so I must stay on the move
Life and the will to live being my only fuel
Will I survive the battle is what remains to be seen
Because the struggle is reality and peace is only a dream

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

Categories: poems, Rodney Fenner

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