Matthew Epperson

Fifth Of Seven by Matthew Epperson

Every morning I write in my journal, and every morning I start it off by stating what I’m thankful for. Some days it’s hard, some days I don’t feel like doing it, some days it’s obvious, but no matter what, I begin my logs with what I’m thankful for. It is rudimentary, but I believe it is the essence of my daily success and joy. I encourage you all to do the same. In you lives, when you wake up, state what you are thankful for. EVERYTHING! Your coffee, your bed, the sunshine/rain, etc. Be thankful for everything.


Beginning this very moment, I am a happy person, for I now truly understand the concept of happiness. Few others before me have been able to grasp the truth of the physical law that enables one to live happily every day. I know that happiness is not an emotional phantom floating in and out of life. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is the end result of certain thoughts and activities, which actually bring out a chemical reaction in my body. This reaction results in a euphoria that, while elusive to some, is totally under my control. Today I choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit

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Matthew Epperson
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  1. La felicidad no consiste en lo que pasa a tu alrededor si no lo que pasa dentro de ti.(Happiness does not consist in what happens around you, but in what happens inside you).
    I like the blog, interesting lyrics.


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