Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
A poormans guide to success

Long ago there was a blindmen,that thought he he knew it all.But never got
nowhere in life.He knew how to get money but didn’t know how to maintain
it and make it grow.So he suffered as a
poorman till he finally woke up years later and faced his enemy him,and he set
out with full determination to learn
self-disciple and appreciate life as a whole.
See most of us blackmen in the ghetto
streets of America,think we it all but we our not raised with self-discipline.Most
of us ball till we fall,literally. Then get lock up and brag about our past,showing dudes our pictures like its a badge of honor.We do it because we think people
care but in reality, they don’t give to bits.
See in the hood we suffer from low-self
esteem and low-self esteem ,messes up our way of thinking
properly, we aggregate situations and try
to justified our wrong actions to please our weak minds.We also suffer from
shortcut mind frame syndrome. Which is
a slow death in reality depriving us of our
full potential to succeed in life.
See the reason ,we have low-self esteem
is because,growing up ,we wasn’t properly loved. Our parents raised us to the best of there ability,most of us in ghetto ,didn’t get pats on the back for
stuff,we did good or words of encouragement to keep us going,our next meal and keeping clothes on our backs was more important to our parents and a lot of us only had one
parent our mama.Also drugs and alcohol,
kept them medicated in there minds,from stress of the daily struggle to succeed in
life,even at the smaller things. But the
alcohol and drugs made them worster
toward us ,beating us for stupid things
and disrespecting us ,breaking us down
mentally. I’ll admit sometimes, we did
deserve to get our behides beat,but overall the way we was raised,turnt us
into beast forreal.Thats why it so many
disrespectful kids,know days all kids want is a place to belong and feel
the love.That’s why they get in gangs
and form clicks that sell drugs,rob
people and terrorize there communitys,
and other peoples communitys.
Love is a strong emotion,that heals the
soul of evil and gives us a real sense of
succeed.And success doesn’t come
easy in nothing that you do in life.So
in order to grow proper and mature,
you have to renew your mind,step by step.And it all starts with confidence
and the power of affirmation and you
can’t be scared,you just gotta jump off
the mountain and keep faith that you
land with a parachute and by the grace of God,you will.
So believe and all is well,I promise
God doesn’t lie.Success is a huge word
but it is achieveable,if you have the will
power to stick to your plan no matter what,you can’t let nothing stop you ,
even look at your failures as a success.
Because you learn’t from them,flat out
and never dwell on past are you will
stay there,please fully understand that,
because that’s what keeps you down and
missing all your blessings.
….Don’t let money influence money is you
ready to influence money!
…Look at the big picture and don’t look back!
Without order there’s no success

PSA: To everybody that read this can you make sure every youth you know see this post it all on social media the youth
need a better understanding of self
and some older people might need a better understanding of self to.Thank
y’all have a nice day and God bless
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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