Rodney Fenner

Breaking Questions By: Rodney Fenner

What does it sound like when a heart breaks?
Would you even recognize the sound that it makes?
Does it fracture on the surface and fall off in flakes?
Or does it shift and pull apart like plates in earthquakes?
How hard of a hit can a heart really take?
Before the love inside transforms into hate?

How does it feel when the crack spreads from the point of impact?
How long does it take for you to react?
How hard is the struggle to keep it intact?
What do you use to fight the pain you want to counteract?
Who’s got this down to a science that’s exact?
Let me know so I can use the same tact

Are the pieces heavy when you go to put them back?
If they don’t fit, do you just leave them in a stack?
Can you cut yourself on the edges where it cracked?
Does all emotion drain out out of it until it’s black?
How are you supposed to recover from all of that?
Or is love really supposed to feel like a heart attack?

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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