Alan Thrower

A WHITE WAR by Alan Thrower

By One God
If you can squint, and see behind the scenes and smoke screens, A war has been waging for centuries. With millennials guilt, weapons were built to fuel this wagering war bit by bit and all bets are off for any dudes who shift the magnitudes searching, trying to change the moods of conceived ideas, you thought you knew what was happening and acting as if war didn’t occur, O’ but this war was well planned before any man was able to understand the weight of the hand that was being played against him.O’ The steps they take to keep the HATE that this nation was built on anyway. Having sensed by keeping them in ignorance they pay a pence to be Slade and slaves for many days on time, and remind the deaf, dumb and blind without a conscience mind on the everyday war being fought…. and they swore to Make Love not War. A White War…Left behind in history we see a battle brewing among White elites that cannot be brought to peace, but to death as we expect foul play in everyday war but pour out our thoughts against unrecognized powers from high towers, energy lights, and satellites…The weapons they use to subdue you and me, see Without a fighting chance, who can take a stance against this waging war of Sex Deviations, Drug interrogations, manipulations….But No More! we fight against this White War! and bring solutions to a mathematical problem, going on way to long for anybody to see a war without peace…this White War MUST! Cease! and come to an end, where free men can live once again and forevermore in a world without A White War…….

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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