Derrick Evans

“10 Reasons Why Younger Guys Should Marry Older Women” by: Derrick L. Evans

1.)She knows how to treat a man and make him feel like a King, because she’s confident in who she is, what she wants ot of a relationship & she also knows how far she’s willing to go to get it.

2.)Her age isn’t a factor at all, because just like fine wine “she only gets better with age”. Her kisses are more passionate, her gazes are more erotic & her body (O.M.G.), her body is like the fountain of youth;”The more you have of her, the younger you both feel”.

3.)She’s a great listener & honest friend at all times. She doesn’t try to act like your mother or run you life. Instead, she gives you reasonable suggestions & amazing advice that enables you to have a better outlook on how to overcomeany obstacle that arises.

4.)She’s very independent, has all of her priorities & responsabilities in order. As far as credit goes,”she’s been apart of the 700 club for years & don’t mind boasting like Beyonce’ if needed by telling her man with absolute confidents “Baby let me upgrade you”.

5.)She’s very easy to please & keep content within a relationship, because she understands the need for personal space. Just be sure eteo egiv her the time that she needs and deserves, because those are the most important moments to her. Handle your business like etehe husband that she knows you can be & she’ll make the perfect wife.

6.)She’s not with the B.S. Drama is not a part of who she is. She’s mature enough to handle herself and others with total respect, so you don’t have to worry about her causing a scene in public when someone has offended her. Instead, she jokes with you about it, because she confides in your positive vibes.

7.)She’s family oriented & has established her graceful presence upon everyone who knows her, so your family will easily embrace her & her charming ways. Children see her as a loving mother, while parents bond with her like a devoted daughter.

8.) She’s beyond faithful. If she’s in a relationship with you, than she’s wholeheartedly yours.. She doesn’t like to share her man or be shared either. Life is too short for games; is how she sees it.. And she loves hard, with everything within her..

9.)She’s willing to teach you whatever you need to know in order for you to be the man of her dreams. She’s willing to invest every second of her time into this endeavor also. Be the knight in shining armor the she sees you as & you’ll have a companion for life.

Oh, & did I mention that,”Her sex is the bomb”… She’s very patient & observative of both your needs & her owns, so there will always be toes curling in the bed..
Young brothas, remember, most women reach their sexual peak between the ages of 40-60, so don’t think that you’re gonna wear her down, because you just might find yourself in the fetal position, sucking of your thumb while in a deep sleep… And that my friend is why “Younger guys should marry older women”.

Derrick L. Evans
DOC #470599


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