Rodney Fenner

Special By: Rodney Fenner

You were dangerous from the moment you began to speak
Because that was the moment I first began to see
That you were more than just the beauty my eyes would meet
You were the mind my mind would begin to seek
At first I just wanted you to be friends with me
Not knowing what that innocent request would grow to be
Ignorant of the attraction that would continue to grow deep
After you provoked my curiosity to be piqued

I though about you so much, now you’re a state of mind
No longer a though, but an omnipresence inside
All my contemplation clothed in the vision of your eyes
And in hearing you sigh in your body’s submission to mine
But I also see how you’re so special in design
From the ordinary women who cross my path all the time
I can easily recognize a jewel when I find
And you are definitely one of a kind

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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