Edward Bowe


[[[ From my first day of living in prison it has been one obstacle over another. However you see,do,hear,speak or touch something; there are people watching & waiting. “Prison is abnormal compared to free society.* Meaning that while being incarcerated the normal is not as it seem,because you are living in abnormality. We are dealing with conditions that limits our movements. And once you act normal in here like you would in free society. Some prisoners will see you as funny acting or no right. When in fact you are sane & educated”.
Furthermore most prisoners are ignorant(i.e. don’t know)with lots of street smarts & various talents. Living in a closed environment filled with abnormal behavioral acting people(mental health this is another issue by itself too & we have to deal with them as well & many of them are not getting the help that they need)thinking that this is the norm. Being normal in an abnormal environment is not being normal. Simply because everything around you is in solitary confinement in one form or other. But, free to move & go places as though you are in free society.
When truth being told, we are under controlled movements period ! What you see out there on t.v. about prison(s)are totally different from what really be going on behind these barb wired fences of one living in such a secluded area, contrary from free society. A society that silently speaks & cries that only gets heard on the most part to our loved ones. We put ourselves in here & blame no one. “But, why when we have done all of our prison agendas & requirements that we MUST complete, we are not released when we have completed what is required from us ?”.
Could it be that society has not prepared places for us to go, for those who have no place to go ? Does second chances exist anymore ? And have we truly been given the opportunity to become free Law abiding citizens again ? Especially, since decades have passed & are continuing to pass us by. While we sit & wait for to read PAROLE NOT GRANTED or PAROLE GRANTED. Once released we still have overwhelming obstacles. Check this out: ” You are on your way to tha DMV. A Police Officer stops you & asks for your Drivers License or ID Card & you don’t have either.
He can detain you because you are an unknown person, perhaps a fugitive as far as he knows. And until someone(Parole Officer,Family Member,etc)claims you; you will remain(in jail)detained. You could be violated before you get started back in free society again. So to prevent this from happening, we should already have our IDs prior to being released. Or we should go straight to the DMV when we walk thru the prison gates upon releasal from being incarcerated for decades. back to free society. Truth been spoken, no sugar added. ]]].

Edward Bowe
DOC #1186718


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