Jacob Tyler

Introducing Jacob Tyler

Hello my name is Jacob Tyler inmate#A637268 I am currently iin Lebanon Correctional Inst. P.O. Box 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036. I am serving a 33yr sentence 18yrs for the state of Ohio and 15yrs federal, I have been incarcerated since April 25th of 2009 and my outdate is 2042, which I do not see myself doin all this time, I try to stay optimistic and focussed.
While serving this time I have bettered myself in many way’s and everyday is a work in progress even tho we have to endure such treatment from the staff who are employed by the state of ohio, so they create such obsticles for us.
I am a loveing and careing father of 2 boy’s ages 8 and 13, it is very important to me to teach them right from wrong but I find itt challengeing to without feeling like a hipocrit. I do not want them to follow down the same path as me.
I will be posting from time to time but also feel free to reach out to me as well!

Jacob Tyler
DOC #A637268


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