Derrick Evans

Introducing Derrick Evans

My name is Derrick Evans, I’m 34 years of age..
I’ve been incarserated since May 23, 2009.. My release dates are : P.E.D. May 23,2019, F.T.D. 2-22-31…

I’m an open book… I was born 12-9-83 in Pineville,La. Raised in Columbus,Ga. by my father… Been living in Louisiana on & off since 2002 in the nice town of Natchitoches (where my mother is from… I’m currently taking online courses in pursuit of obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Business Management & Technology..Nothing intrigues me more than the journey to acquire education & success.. If I was to descibe myself in one word it would have to be “nonpareil or unparalleled”… In my spare time I enjoy playing Gospel & Jazz Piano.. If you would like to know about me on a more personal level, than feel free to contact me.. My contact info is: Derrick L.Evans # 470599 RLCC Hop B1#55 1630 Prison Rd. Cottonport, La. 71327 or I can be contacted on

Derrick Evans
DOC #470599


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