Dust: By Vanessa Overbury

I am a woman German Scandinavian,
I am a white European American.
I look just like my mom and dad,
Everything different than most have.
I often wonder if you even see,
a huge difference between others and me.
I have blonde streaks with golden red hair,
draping over skin that is oh so fare.
My hair changes shades each new season,
as well as my skin for that same reason.
My eyes are green grey and blue,
with lashes and brows, the color of mornlng dew.
I am like you, the same inside,
it is my feature’s I can not hide.
You will never have to call for me out loud,
I am easily found in a very large croud.
You may have noticed very few like me,
this is a fact, we are a saying breed.
I am of the last of my kind,
only two percent on the world you will find.
Seek for yourself as you will then see,
very few out there that look like me.
I’m often set aside in an alien sort of way,
its not like I run into a redhead everyday.
Five children I bore just one with. red hair,
if my kind only existed, this world would be bare.
For those who are interested please take the time,
to enjoy a whole day in the warm sunshine.
One day this poem will be read by an other,
one that looks not like my father or mother.
Blessed are those who knew any of us,
before all others we became dust.

Vanessa Overbury
DOC #X25962


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