Ibn Shakoor

this is hard time before July -1-1996 by Ibn akmal Shakoor

now back in the 1980&1990 prison was hard times were inmates could do their time for the crime he or she did or didn’t do but them days are over because we are doing fuck up time with these new law inmates that have nothing to lose if they go to the RiB or the hole and get out to do it again and the prison staff know that us #a274-638 if we go to the hole for anything and get found not guilty the parole board can use that against us and give us a 5 to10 year flop,but these young kids that know when they is going home doing less time then me for the same crime and why is OHio getting over look for prison reform and other state governor are pushing for reform sentence and most us have parole days and when that board day come up to see them all the good we do to make it for our freedom,we never get it…. it’s about their job to keep the old law inmates. the parole board will not have any power to keep people in prison if there be one sentence law flat – time and Ohio will save a lot of money the prison board get pay 1000,000 or more a year .and no your not getting out because of if a person has to see the parole board the nature of the crime will always be the reason the board use to keep a person. now we know that the crime is why we are here . so after getting a five year flop then go back in front of them and it’s someone new one more time the nature of crime or you need new programs….it’s always something …..it’s a rodeo every time ! yes I did something to get were I’m at and I have to live with that crime but if the judge want me to die in prison he would of gave me death row so how 9 people play god but it’s to keep there job that big pay day Ohio have 3 law in play and Ohio is one of the little states that have more prison than texas, Mississippi,Chicago,Florida, NewYork now these states have less prisons and reform sentence law is better and the door always rotate to give a prisoner a second chance of life and yes there will be some that come back if then ohio parole board or the judge is there to handle those matters. inmates that have not ever had the chance to get out on parole need that oppurtunity .Ohio need to reform sentence for Ohio so I wish that someone would look into this matter on us old law inmates before 1996 we have 20 years or better in ohio and have patrole board dates eligble to be seen for parole to go home so can someone that have the power or be the voice for us old law inmates before 1996 it’s not right.
this is crazy for us then if we get out …. no one want to hire us old inmates for a job.
so, thank you for your time please help us with this.
PS.can any keep me up when Ohio comes with a H.B. or S.B. reform sentence law for prison. I’m on the case load mental health and I need outside help care not prison help on a 33 to life year sentence and I have 23 years in to my 30year

Ibn Akmal Shakoor ll
DOC #a274-638

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