Matthew Epperson

Fourth Of Seven by Matthew Epperson

There is freedom in confidence. When you carry out your day with self-assurance, you will eliminate potential esteem hindrances. For example: The resilient job seeker. They know in their nature that work must be had. Life can’t go on without it. Every day, they search for employment, facing scrutiny from possible job holders, but does that stop them? No, they continue with the confidence that work must be had, therefore it will be had. The same goes for the believer in success. It is part of their nature. In their believe they are freeing themselves from doubt, worry, paranoia, and a litany of other hindrances. My advice to my students in guitar lessons is this: F*** UP CONFIDENTLY! Don’t be timid! Embrace failure like a sidekick that wants to help reconstruct your future.


A wise man once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Knowing this to be true, I am taking my first step today. For too long my feet have been tentative, shuffling left and right, more backwards than forwards as my heart gauged the direction of the wind. Criticism, condemnation, and complaint are creatures of the wind. They come and go on the wasted breath of lesser beings and have no power over me. The power to control direction belongs to me. Today I will begin to exercise that power. My course has been charted. My destiny assured.

Go see something live!


Matthew Epperson
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