Michael Sammons

Dear inmate blogger by Michael Sammons

For those of you who don’t know me , I want you to hear from me firsthand :
I did not kill anybody.
In VA if you are a participant in a felony and someone dies, you are also responsible for that death, even though we proved in court that I did not kill anybody.
I’ve been in prison for twenty years straight, since I turned eighteen, and even after all that time, I still have people who love me and care about me very much.
A testament to my character. That not just a few family members but also numerous friends and church groups who have seen me grow up and become the man I am today. They realize the change , and tell me they feel like I should be given a second chance.
My son is twenty years old, Tristin. He grew up his entire life knowing me behind bars. He has a metal disability that causes him to be on S.S.I.
I would like a chance to get out there and be his father and help take care of him. Twenty years is a life time.
How many more years must I do before my dept to society is paid ?
Does me being at the scene justify keeping me in prison forever ?
So my only worth is to sit in a prison cell until I die of old age ?

That’s what they want me to do !

I was locked up three months after I turned eighteen. And I’ve been in here ever sense.

Michael Sammons
DOC #1176674

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  1. It’s a sad reality, even here in the California system. My childhood friend got 25 to life, he didn’t do anything. His associate made some phone calls to him, telling him where he was at and what he wanted to do, take someone out. My friend didn’t seem at all interested in what he was doing, just saying words like “mmhmm”, “yeah okay”, etc. I was at some of his trials and listening to the wiretaps, illegal I’m sure, and he said nothing that would have convicted him, but yet they gave him 25, and to his associate they gave 50 years. They didn’t kill anyone, nor did the other people know about him driving around the area. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, it say and I’m sure you’ve read it, “God is not mocked, whatever a man sows that shall he also reap”. So all those in power will have to give an account of their injustice, and it’s a life sentence they will get, no chance of parole, no parole board hearing, but eternal punishment away from Jesus. Hang in there, and I hipe one day you will be reunited with your son. Sincerely, an ex con.


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