by Keith Bond Jr.

left over skin sheds down the halls I walk…
look into the eyes of a innocent soul, with foolish thoughts.
is it uncommon or far most …..
pleasently I awake to learn from there shallow thoughts …
rekindle YU might say…
shallow in the shade of display….
unaware that the the truth lays in the grave
TRUTH yu will never find on a page…
hopefully I leave yu to mesmerized and think….
where must I be that teenagers are 30,
living like their in there 20’s….
believe there entitle to any thing that’s living…
ignoring there power to think…
afraid to face the morality of there reality,
so they cheat there selves sorta speak…
everyday these hallways humor me…
as I walk passed the forgotten stainsof a lost past…
embedding the same vision of most brothers and dads.
how more strange can this be…
a typical outrage with no cry from pride.
the principles we now manipulate with lies.
drowning from the same tide….

Keith Bond Jr.
DOC #537-103


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