Never Knew Love Like This by: LaBrandon Giles

I never knew love like this before until I met this special lady. I rather not say her name so I will call her “Lady J”. To elaborate in words how profound this love is would be an endless task. The English language hasn’t developed a progressive and modern term to truly express what I feel for this woman.
First and foremost, this Lady J has had a life changing affect upon me. She has sparked a level of feeling and thinking that was totally foreign to my thinking pattern. One of the first impactful things she ever did for me was make me feel human by just showing me attention after being deprived of any level of unconditional humanly attention for years. Before I go any further, the last statement holds a serious significance due to the circumstances and context our meeting of souls took place in. Though I rather not go into detail, just take note that I was in a situation where I was a faceless face amongst numerous faces, and to catch the eye of one God’s beloved(Lady J) will always be a blessing to me.
At this very moment as I write this I’m bombarded by thoughts of this woman. Every since I encountered this woman she has dominated my thinking in some form o fashion. Even though she lacks a physical presence in my life, I conside her in regards to all my important decsions as if I’m under her watchful eye at all times
When I first met Lady J she put me in a state of fear. She put me in fear because she was something I didn’t understand. Also her beauty had me awestruck, she has some of the most beautiful skin a human can possess, as well as a Colgate smile, but still to this day Lady J will downplay her exceptional beauty. This level of beauty also put fear in my steps. Thats the affect she had upon me. Even to this day her, womanly gaze will some times render me a “love struck boy” in her presence.
These are the struggles I had to overcome within myself to be able to let her know I was interested, and still, it wasn’t even me who initiated our union. Eventually fate and destiny produced a situation where this woman would penetrate my spirit and root herself there in a way that only the Higher Power could permit. Lady J empowers me as a man. She nutures me. She uplifts me and makes me feel special in all aspects of my potential.
Lady J has been the cornerstone in the foundation of my rehabilitation. She has helped me develop into a sensitive, life-giving, strong and mature man. I owe her my life and I still don’t she comprehend how deep it is when I tell her I need her. She’s given me time, attention, and love when she didn’e have to do either. I’m totally dedicated to his woman. With the will of God, faith, and determination, I will give this woman the world she deserves in due time. I wrote these words to salute, motivate, and give props to all the strong, stand-up women who are out there alone by “choice” to hold us brothers down in prison.
Believe it or not, some of us brother couldn’t do it without you. I thank God everyday for Lady J. I will like for all my female readers to know that you still have brothers in existence with righteous intentions who do want better for themselves and those that they love, and who are seeking to right the wrongs we have done in respect to women. I will never be able to stop giving credit to Lady J for helping me be the man I am today and the man I need to be. I love you forever Lady J!
Before I close I will like my readers to know that due to security reasons this is a love story that must be told upon my release. There’s more to this story and its being added onto daily and it most definitley wil be accessible to the world one day for inspirational and motivational purposes. Thank you for your support by reading these words and if you can, please comment on this piece and rate it to assist me in understanding myself better as a writer through you the reader.

I can reached at RLCC Cottonport,La.

LaBrandon Giles
DOC #519641


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