Felix Brown Jr.


How should you, as a member of society, respond when presented with irrefutable evidence that our judicial system is being corruptly manipulated by those elected to protect the integrity of it? Would you stand up to oppose this type of injustice?
Well, present below is one of those revealing cases that shall clearly expose the corrupt and unlawful antics of the involved officials, from the Trumbull County Common Pleas Court System, whom have made it a practice of manipulating members of a jury in direct regard to the actual facts and events of a case, within a defendant’s trial; for the sole purpose of fraudulently inducing the jury to arrive at a guilty verdict. Then, thereafter, causing the defendant’s trial transcripts to be intentionally altered (inaccurately transcribed) so as to ensure that the judicial and prosecutorial misconducts – which substantially contributed to the jury arriving at the guilty verdict – does not appear in the record. Thus, preventing the defendant from then receiving a determination of said constitutional violations on appeal; with a supporting record.
In order for a constitutional violation to be recognize and determined on appeal by state or federal judges, the misconduct must appear in the record (transcripts). See, Ohio Appellate Rule 16(A)(3)(“A statement of the assignments of error presented for review, with reference to the place in the record where each error is reflected.”) See also, Daniels. v. Santic, 2005 Ohio 1101,[*P15](11th App. Dist.)(“Appellant’s brief fails to properly reference the portion of the record supporting his assignments of error and thus, he cannot demonstrate his claimed errors.”).[Emphasis added.]
Now the members of the jury, the trial witnesses, as well as members of the public who attended the jury trial, have remained totally unaware of such deceptive, fraudulent, and manipulative practices.
Recently, within the April 2, 2018, edition of the Warren Tribune Chronicle Newspaper, you the public were reminded by the Trumbull County Prosecutor, Dennis Watkins, that Felix Brown Jr. has thus far served 23 years on an eighteen to life prison sentence, for the (alleged purposeful) shooting death of his fiancee, Monica L. Brandon. Yet, even after the passage of all this time, there is still something about the evidence offered and the events involved in my trial that just does not sit quite right with you; but you have yet to put your finger on exactly what it is.
Perhaps the contents of the following questions shall assist you in finally uncovering what’s been bothering you for all these years; thereby providing you with the evidence to assist in correcting this injustice.
1. When (then) Asst. Prosecutor Cynthia Westcott Rice asked Dr. William Cox (former Summit County Coroner): “In your professional opinion does this contact wound put you in the mind of an executional-style shooting?”
a) Do you recall if Dr. Cox was permitted to answer this question? If he was, do you recall the content of his answer? If your answer is yes, to either question, will you provide me with your affidavit?
b) And if you were a member of the jury, and your answer to the question is yes, will you provide me with your affidavit describing what role his answer played in you arriving at your verdict?
2. When (then) Asst.Pros. Atty. Roger Dixion cross-examined Public Defender Investigator Ben Digiovonne regarding which apartment Digiovonne actually recovered the shell casing from; did you feel the manner in which it was done was designed to intentionally mislead or confuse you? If so, will you provide me with an affidavit detailing how this affected your verdict?
3. Did you, at any time prior to arriving at your verdict on Count One (the murder charge) feel compelled by any court official, via verbal and/or nonverbal communication, to reach a verdict or change your verdict? For example, when you informed the court that you remained deadlocked on count one; and you were returned to the courtroom where Judge Shaker made inquires into the specific status of your verdict? If so, will you provide me with your affidavit?
4. Did you, as a member of the jury, experience any type of improper communication and/or contact with a witness for the state or affiliate of the prosecution: in the deliberation room and/or anywhere outside the actual courtroom or courthouse; at any time prior to you arriving at your unanimous verdict? If so, will you provide me with your affidavit?
5. Did you as a member of the attending public personally witness any improper contact and/or personally overhear any improper communication between any member of the jury with any court official; witness for the state; or affiliate of the prosecution; at any time prior to the jury announcing their unanimous verdict on count one?
In light of the foregoing, is there any wonder why Pros. Atty. Watkins is attempting to prevent me from ever being released from prison, by informing the parole board: “Society needs to be protected by locking the door for good on high risk offenders like Brown.” Thereinto, he also went as far as to refer to me as a sociopath.
Now I readily admit that I have not always been on the right side of the law; being found to have committed fourth and fifth degree felonies – for breaking & entering; forgery & receiving stolen property (checks); drug abuse; and possession of drug and drug trafficking – on four separate occasions over a twelve year span. But a Murderer or sociopath I have never been.
So the true question is, who, EXACTLY, is Trumbull County Prosecutor Watkins really attempting to protect; society: OR himself from finally being fully exposed for the judicial malfeasance, Civil Right violations, that has and continues to occur under his watch?
Enough is enough! Let your voice be heard.
Please send your affidavit, via certified mail.
Sincerely submitted,

Felix Brown Jr.
DOC #312-676

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  1. Just so you know if you already don’t or believe, they shall all give an account on judgement day. God sees, knows everything, and unless, they or us repent, we shall all die in our sins; “And the Books we’re opened”, it says in the Bible.


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