Michael Sammons

Introducing Michael Sammons

Hello, my name is Michael Sammons # 1176674 and I live at N.c.c Po box 488
Burkeville Va , 23922.
My current release date is pretty far off, I still have 40 years remaining on a 63 year sentence.
Ive been incarcerated since I turned 18.
’97 was my last year on the street.
I’m going to be 39 Oct. 3rd
I have a twenty year old son named Tristin and a strong family support.
Though I’ve been away for so long now, they still have love for me, which I hope is a testiment of my character.
I like to think of myself as a good person who trys to do right by others, and who walks a path wanting to understand and recognize Gods love for all of us.
I appreciate the service you are providing for guys in here. Sean Brown told me that you would be contacting me and I’m glad you did.
There is a quote that I like which says,
” I think the majority of writers, living a Robinson Crusoe existence with no hope of seeing another human being as long as they lived , would still write poems , short stories and books with whatever material there was at hand . ”
‘ a sense of contact ‘
Patricia Highsmith
Everyone has a story to tell. Its the knowing that their story doesn’t have to end in prison that might bring hope back into their lives.
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to care. A lot of people would never think to do that.
I hope this introductionary email met all the requirements and I look forward to seeing how this blogging thing works.
Thank you for what your doing.


Michael Sammons
DOC #1176674

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