FATHER FIGURE: BY James Kelly (aka Difference)

I write this in hopes of just getting something out of my heart. My guilt is heavy do to my children growing up without a father, while I am in prison. I guess a man and a father have one job in life. That’s to protect his family. Also to provide for, teach, and guide. Well I cant do any of those from here. So I have failed my children miserably.
Growing up my father figure was a drug dealer. But at least I had a father. Even a messed up one is better than not having one. I do believe and trust God. So I’m sure there is a blessing here somewhere.
Maybe do to growing up without me, my children will never walk down this road. They don’t have to have a bad life or end up not doing good in life, just because I’m not there.
I just want the best for them and for them to know that I did love and care about them. That I realize they are the ones paying for my mistakes. My selfishness and actions have affected their lives. For this I apologize. I hope to right my wrongs, by making better choices in the future.
I pray to God to be their father, guide and protect them.
I also want to apologize to them and their family. I want to thank Their Mom, Uncle Boo by and especially aunt Trina for taking care of my “Main Chick”, my baby girl Nevaeh. Thank you.

James Kelly
DOC #59979


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