Lamuel Flowers

Why Me By: Lamuel Flowers (Lam Bino)

I always wondered y me??? like my whole life I always got the short end of the stick, since I was just a kid I was the first out of 8 kids to get took from my mom an that’s when I knew my bad luck in life started… By da time I was 11 years old I had went 2 jail for pushing my teacher an da cycle never stopped from there… Less den a month after I was 14 I was charged with animal cruelty an retaliation on a witness an I really had nothing 2 do with the case but because of the loyalty an dedication I had for the streets I was sentenced to 6 months in ODYS I was 4 foot 11 an 86 pounds when I went, with the heart of a lion an the pride that 1 day would probly get me killed an I turned 6 months into 2 years I fought almost everyday like I had something 2 prove I always felt like somebody was trying to play me because I was so little an win lose or draw I was fighting an on top of all that I didn’t feel like no one was there for me… an I wondered was I that bad that no one wanted to b bothered with me like why was I abandoned??? I was just a kid but I felt so much older than I actually was so when I did come home from dys I felt like I had something to prove an nothing to lose, until I had my daughter at 17, but I was so deep into the streets I was lost, don’t get me wrong I love my daughter more than life itself but I feel like I let her down because I picked the streets first… I did a lot wrong in my life but this is my second time going 2 jail for something I truly did not do, the police wanted me off the streets so bad that they made people lie on me an make up cases on me, there was even a video in my case that showed it wasn’t me that committed the crime but somehow the prosecuters lost the tape an I didn’t have the money to fight, so I was in a situation where I could gamble with my life an get up to 63 years an I know my court appointed lawyers really weren’t fighting for me, or take a plea deal for 15 years an be back when I was 34 an in time to see my daughter graduate high school… everyday I sit in this cell I wonder if I made the right decision or should I have tryed my luck an went to trial??? I say all this to say my life has been like a roller coaster ride way more downs then ups an I’m a loyal, caring down to earth person an when I lay down I can’t help but wonder why me???

Lamuel Flowers
DOC #643788


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