Rayshaud Green

Reflecting Thoughts by: Rayshaud Green

Ruminating to myself, why they sending subliminals through the movie system got us thinking like criminals. They always feed us lies by the things televise, not to mention rap artist coax the youth to be retarded by saying, “I’m too hard for telievision, I got a hell of a vision, I can’t think so I’m always making bad decisions.” Now stop and listen and always pay attention. It’s fame they project, but the truth is never mention. Therefore they grow up with tarnish images. Been deceive to preceive that this is what you need. Under the influence of extravagnt weed, we live like barbarians and beguile the seeds, so throns choke the seeds and the seeds don’t breed. As a nationalty we are brealy a breed. To conceived susscess we must distrub the present, so here I m giving the world my fatle present. God bless them!

Rayshaud Green
DOC #539690


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