Kristine Cosgrove

Mirror Mirror On The Wall… by Kristine Cosgrove

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” As young girls we’re indoctrinated into the belief that outward beauty is one of the most important qualities to possess, and yet, how many times have we encountered a woman whose inward beauty could use some polishing?

In the fast paced mindset of millenials, a recent survey reported that two of the most import goals in their young lives was to become rich, and famous. Youth is the new currency paid with beauty. Even more disturbing is my recent encounter wih complete strangers, all women, who cannot seem to stop themselves from asking me in “mid” conversation, “How old are you?” I find this particular type of behavior rude, and invasive. The hair on the back of my neck stands straight up like a cat that’s been approached by an intrusive bulldog, my stomach tightens, and I’m left speechless by the lack of respect to ones privacy. But that’s exactly what’s been lost in our youth obsessed society. A sense of decency, and respect for women who are instead objectified on the basis of their age, and beauty. For example, I was once seeing a male counselor during a difficult marriage a few years ago. This counselor asked, “How old are you?” When I told him my age, he sighed, almost with relief, and replied — “Oh, good. If you were over 40 I’d have to tell you to enjoy gardening, and shopping. At least you’re still marketable”. There was a long pause as I sat there in his office, stunned, taking in his remark like I’d been shot in the chest by this “mono-brow” of a man. I calmly picked up my purse, and left his office without responding.

Who would ever dream of walking up to a man, a complete stranger, and rudley asking, “How old are you?” More than likely he might answer with another question, “Why? Are you taking a poll?”

As women age, and grow older, our society tells them they’ve lost their power ie., the ability to manipulate situations to their ‘advantage’ by using “sex-kitten sex appeal”. I’ve even experienced women walking up to me and “guessing my age” without asking them. When are women going to realize that they’re only reinforcing societies twisted belief that our value as human beings decreases with age? We are not vehicles on a used car lot!

Women out there, sisters, you beautiful creatures of mystery, and mirth…

The next time someone asks you how old you are, answer like a man, “I’m young enough to know the difference between being interesting, and rude.”

Signing off for now, this is Kristine Cosgrove aka, “Malibu”. Until next time my friend, make it a Malibu Day, and shine, shine, shine.


Kristine Cosgrove
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