Roderick Dyette

Introducing Roderick Dyette

My name is Roderick Dyette, I will be 49yrs August 9th, I have been away for more than 26 yrs. My next parole hearing date is August 10th Right now I work as a mentor in the mental health unit, and I love it, I like helping people.I do not have any children, I am absolutely single. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers. My beautiful parents are deceased (mother passed in 06, father passed in 17). My focus throughout my time away has been on turning this unfortunate situation into a blessing in disguise by reinventing myself into a Mr.Right thinking man. This was a true divine intervention for me and I am grateful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and actions. Please send info on how to donate $ to this much needed service. I know it is not mandatory but it is good, healthy for men and women of understanding to contribute. Thank you again. God keep you!

Roderick Dyette
DOC #1111137


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