Convicted Bad Guy Seeking Advice (By James DeWitt)

Some days towards certain matters I just want to know what others have learned about in their living. It’s good being the source of advice for the young but even the advisers need a place to download from.
One of the hardest positions for me to take is wanting forgiveness while remembering that accountability has to be applied to all things. What makes a person produced a request that minimizes their accountability when they understand that you reap what you sow? What do you choose in this position, the forgiveness and mercy or the accountability? I’m seeing so many people getting second chances and its rightfully so but it confuses me to think that I to deserve this second chance gift when I constantly remember the teachings of being accountable for the things that you have done and said. It’s human to want mercy but to what extent should your wants take you beyond accountability? How is it measured and taught by the loving and caring parents? I desire forgiveness and relief but I’ve conditioned my thinking and my behaving to be prepared for being purposeful in the event it never. Is it wrong to not seek so strongly towards it because you want to show all that you adhere to the everlasting principles of facing the consequences of your decisions? I suppose I have just lived through these life moments and have never been fully taught on the ingredients of deciding between the two. I know and I see that anyone can change. I personally represent that but is it change only that warrants forgiveness? Somebody share their lessons and insight with me at please.

James DeWitt
DOC #1007872

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  1. There is a difference between being accountable and being punished. You are punishing yourself more than anyone else can with your regret and doubt. You aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself and your God. Acknowledge that you fucked up, be genuinely remorseful, and learn from your mistakes. Recognize that you are a better person now than you were, even if only because of your self reflection. You are growing as a person. Try to forgive yourself, cut yourself a little slack, you’re only human after all.


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